Tuesday, March 29

The Birthday...

My bithday was the awesomo from beginning to last. I woke up to the one I love whom I hadn't seen since the beginning of February. That was probably better than best even though he woke me up @ 9 on a Saturday. (We'll have to work on that one babe) Then my daddy calls with the traditional "Happy Birthday to Spring" song. My day never starts til he calls me. *smile* I took him to the Bagel shop (a must do if you ever find yourself a guest in my humble abode) and I got me a delicious pepperoni pizza bagel and he got one as well.

My sister comes by after "breakfast" and offers to take me to Costco for some shopping debauchery (which mainly consisted of us pushing eachother around in those large ass shopping carts) and did a little sisterly bonding. It was the first time Kelli and Leslie met but they got along like they were friends the whole time, as far as (almost) in-laws go. We got into a minor tiff with the check out lady cause she was going through metopause or something so I turned on the annoyance dial up higher and took my sweet ass time. We left satisfied we had won the "customer is always right" battle. She took us back home with our gargantuan supplies. We saw my dad who was on his way to an AA meeting and my brother who had just bought me the only gift I truely wanted for my birthday. My MP3 player. Sometimes I half expect my family to always get me the wrong device other than the one I ask for but to my surprise, Ivan bought me the perfect one in red. *sigh* My brother is the best.

I downloaded 53 songs on that joint and it's r0x0rz.

After that we basically lied in bed all day and watched Eternal Sunshine since I hadn't seen it since then. Leslie's favorite as opposed to my favorite which is the notebook. It was a one of the truely better movies I've seen. Kate Winslet reminds me alot of myself in that movie and maybe I would go so far as to say Leslie reminds me of Jim Carrey. We mirror them in many ways but all in all the movie was kinda trippy. I reget I didn't get the whole feel cause falling asleep slobbering on Leslie was just too too tempting. Poor baby. *smirk* But I basically got the jist.

I finally started to get ready around 4ish cause I had to be up @ Kelli's by 6:30. She HATES it when I'm late. I start getting all dolled up in my pretty pretty fiftiesish dress. Fix my hair in a cute pony tail and get my bangs just so. I put on my favorite perfum in all the right places (not the crotch mind you cause alcohol burns your shit..haha). I put on my pretty watch that Ryan's mom had bought me when we were in the bahamas. I put on my cute black shoes that totally fit my little retro theme. They were perfect. I put my make up on with the thick black liner only on the top and some neutral shadow on my lids. I pretty maroonish lipstick and I was ready to go. Perfect. I was SUPPOSE to go get my nails done but I couldn't resist the "us" time so I had to settle for fake lee press-ons. I regret not wearing any jewelery but by that time were were like 10 minutes late already and I know Kelli was gonna have a conniption fit.

So we ran as fast as we could to hop on the train. And of course, it had to be broke down on one track so we'd be even later. I tend to get flustered alot so I broke out the MP3 player and me and Leslie banged my jams for a bit. We ended the train ride perfectly to The Way You Look Tonite by Eric Clapton and I Will Love You by Fisher (currently playing in the background) We hopped off the train and lucky for us Kelli wasn't all that pissed cause my dad called and was like 10 minutes behind us so the blame got put on him. She had to go to the store quickly anyways cause she didn't buy any candles for my cake. We scooped up the candles, scooped up the pops and got on our way to Tower Oaks Lodge for my birthday dinner. We arrived right on Indian time and checked in...Kina, Benz, Beans and Seneca were already there. We sat and a little later Joey and Roacha show up. We sit and chat and Kelli makes a toast thanking everyone for coming. In addition to the Marlbro cards, the dress, the MP3 player, I also recieved 2 bouquets of flowers, a subscription to cosmo, a really kewl swatch watch, and a pretty necklace that I wore with my dress. Awesome. After everyone was fat and happy we decided to call it a night and the "old" people went home whilst we finished our evening out drinking and laughing. It was a great night all in all and I couldn't ask for a better birthday. My sister is the best for planning it all. And everyone else for making me feel so loved. Maheo truely blessed my day and I know that turning 25 is gonna be one of the best things to ever happen to me. ;)

Ciao, Bailas.

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