Friday, April 1

How ghey is ghey...

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My friends begged me and Leslie to take this shot.  We got like $5 and free shots to do it...hahaha...suckers.



For my love who I just left at the airport:
My love, My life. I can't express how much this week has meant to me. It hasn't really sunk in yet that you're probably waiting on the runway right now and that soon you'll be about 2,000 miles from the where our heads awoke just hours ago. And yeah moment by moment it does get a little harder, but you're always with me in whatever I do. And I miss you like crazy right now even though I can't change this ghey Celine Dion song playing (my heart will go on) on my launchcast, I suppose it's perfect for the moment. Jason I love you. You are the best and you are mine. As much as I wanna think the neurotic thoughts about us I can't.  I deserve you and we belong together. What's meant to be will always be and soon enough we'll be the family we're meant to be. Time doesn't go slow enough when we're together or fast enough when we're apart. Just know that I love you. That's all that matters. And you suck cause you didn't give me my ring dammat. (But I understand why) *giggles* Kisses from me2u to share w/Abby.

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