Saturday, March 19

Dave & Buster's with Kevinege

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There is nothing like spending a night with good friends.  This is

me and Kevin @ Dave & Busters last night.  I haven't hung with

him in like foreverz!  Since January I guess.  Kevin is just

one of those friends that I have nothing in common except we like to

dork it up and get all krunk.  His girlfriend Annie is also as

equally awesome.  I had a great time.  If I wasn't still in a

daze I'd write more.  But I guess the only hightlight is that we

got stuck in an elevator...first time for me.  We had to bust out

of that joint.  Luckily someone was a superman and pried tha doors

for us.  Werd 2 yo mutha.  haha..Later

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