Tuesday, March 1

Love is consuming me...

"Unless it's mad, passionate,
Extraordinary love,
It's a waste of your time.
There are too many mediocre things in life
Love shouldn't be one of them."

From the movie Dream for an Insomniac

Everyday that I wake up and accept that Jason is a part of my life for good I find myself wanting to make myself guilty or dumb for not knowing or seeing it sooner. I just can't quite describe the what exactly he is for me. He just is. And I can be as ghey as I want and not give a crap or be embarrassed about how I show my affection for him. Public displays of affection are of no consequense. Sending him little gay love quotes over offline messanger so that when he opens it up its the first thing he sees in the morning...I know he'd never get tired of it. The overcompelling urge to say I love you right away cause he said it and you can't hold it in cause of how loved you feel. Feeling like you'll burst if you don't express it just right then. Dispising the distance because he lives in Wyoming and I live in Washington D.C. but falling in love with him all over because he took off two weeks to fly out here just to be with me for my birthday. Just so he could spoil me. So we can take that walk around D.C. all night long and just talk about everything and nothing. So that we can lay around in bed all day spooning and laughing.

I could never deny his love for me. I could never question how faithful his heart. He would never cheat on me because his momma taught him how to respect women. And I know he trusts me...if only for the mere fact I'm now on his life insurance...LOL *shifty eyed plotting* Muahahaha....God I love this boat.

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