Friday, March 18

duh nuh nuh nuh nuh say it's yur berfday...

Yep...that's right kids...25...OMGz.

As an Aries I think it's always my duty to officially announce to world that countdown that is my birthday. Just cause in real life I'm a huge brat and I want EVERYONE to notice me. It's my day. An important day. The day I was born. And people around me will worship accordingly or perish greatly! Muahaha. Every year for my birthday since I was five (except for some tomboy years) I've always gotten 2 things for my birthday. A pretty new dress and a kite. I really don't know what the kite is about. It's just one of those things that give me simple pleasure. Keeping with that kid like quality. But the dress...I try to spare no expense And is a must have.(i.e. have someone else pay for the joint...hahaha) and this year my dad stepped up to the plate for this one. I went to the phat girl store to find me something suitable and fashiony that was guarenteed to have my size. I looked all around and didn't particularly find anything that jumped out at me. And then my sister suggested a strapless number in either green or black. She told me to try it on for shits and giggles. So I do. I took one look in the mirror and I felt like a diva. This was it...the black. Of having no money I ever so coyly asked my dad for a $100 dollar loan to which he gladly paid for it cause it was my birthday. (My dad is the best) So here's what the dress looks like.

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I need protection from the elements! that's kewl. My love is going to buy me the shoe to complete the outfit and I'm gonna get my nails did and a pedicure. I can't wait!

So is peachy keen today. Last night was kind of a bust cause we really didn't do anything. We went the obligatory native hang out Buffalo Billiards and had a few but it was just my usual krew. Patrick, Roacha, Hoshi, and a unusual appearance by my roomate Benji who's finally off house arrest. Woopie! It was fun. I got a little krunk on non-green beer and shot some pool with my bad ass skillz. It was an okay night I suppose.

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I think I look a little drunk but oh well. Good times. ;)

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