Friday, March 11

Just one of those days..

"I beatbox in the shower" ~ The Jo'est

Gawd dammat...that shit made me laugh so hard yesterday. Why? I have no clue why. The Jo'est is this crazy navajo chick in SLC. (That narrows it down tons right? hahaha) I love her. She's is witty, sarcastic and goofy. And I'll stop gushing there. Myspace rocks..that's all I'll say.

Being the moderator for Native Pride is soo much fun. I've got the power. It has it's ups and downs but overall I'm glad it's just another boring messageboard people never come to... Especially now that I'm doing Native Prider of the week. That rocks sox. People seem to enjoy it so we'll see how far that goes. I love when people announce that their leaving. I don't really know what the point of that is but whatever. One lady wrote me her life story and when I agreed to disagreed on a couple of points...She gets all crybaby on me and gives me this scenario of a tragic event in her past. She was like you don't know what that feels like. I was like "just because I'm 24 doesn't mean I've never had to deal with that situation. I've done it...twice thank you. The difference between me and you is that I'm not a victim. I don't blame others for my problems or hide behind what was "taken" from me. I take responsiblity for what I had a hand in doing and it seriously doesn't bother me. People have no control over me or my feelings. And for you to let a handful of teenagers victimize you is your biz. "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent" ~ Elenor Roosevelt You're 48...Grow up." /rant


Oh yeah. And I'm going to Gathering of Nations this year. Hooray! I hope Stephanie goes cause i miss her ass already. I should set up a myspace meet. That would be a hoot. hahaha. Werd. OH YEAH! Aaaaaaaand...I get to meet the ex while I'm there...good effin times. I can't wait for that one. She doesn't know about me. Fun Fun Fun.

As always...Such is life and I am blessed.

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