Monday, March 21

Is it the way he loves me?


This morning started out okay for the most part. I wasn't at all upset that I had to go all the way back to the Big Hunt to pay for Ivan's stupid bill. Or that Ivan was too drunk to do anyone good. I don't wanna say I'm over getting drunk but lately watching him and then literally almost slapping the shit out of some girl on the metro cause she wouldn't wake up for shit. I'm like. Hmm...not so attractive all of a sudden. But besides all that. It was good. I called Leslie to tell him I love him cause he's in Orlando and I missed his calls last night. He tells me that his cousin wrecked his mom's car. Werd. That blows squirrel nuts. Still not so bad but kinda put a damper on my morning. Then I get to work and my sister sends me this SAD ass email about the really huge blowout she had with her husband. I've never seen my sister so upset and I friggen HATE when she's upset. Anyone else. Doesn't bother me. Her..she has/is/was my life and always will be. So on, so forth. That really put a damper on my morning. Then Jason IM's me and we exchange our usual witty banter. Not really...just loathesome, make me warm inside gheyness. Then he gets the call that the cousin almost died by OD'ing on meth. Werd. What a morning. :(

It's times like that when I really question why we're not together right now. My only excuse for being here is that A: Family B: My apt. My apt. is the only thing holding me back cause my lease is up at the end of June. So until then it's me and him flying back and forth for small moments in time. He's coming here Friday for my birthday. ;) He lands @ 11:55pm on Friday night and he'll probably be the first thing I see on my birthday. (12:00 AM Saturday 25th) It's funny that as the days get shorter...they get hell of alot slower. Pleh.

Oh yeah and Kelli found out that I knew about my "surprise" party. She was hella fucking pissed. As far as I knew Leslie was flying in the day after my birthday. But she wrongly assumed I knew about Leslie flying out to surprise me for my birthday. Then she was mad at herself for spilling the beans. So she just told me what would have happened had I not known a thing:

We were gonna arrive late and I was gonna see all my friends. (Surprise) Then he was going to come out with the waiter with a cake he baked himself and sing Happy Birthday to me.(surprise) :*} That would have been hella awesome. But oh well. What's meant to be will always be. I love that kid 2 death.

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