Friday, April 15

It's Friday and I'm bored...

Read the question, go to, type your answer in the search box, look under images, post an image that comes up as a result. Capishe?

1. Your first car?

It was red and not shiney at all...but it was mine and took me across the country and back again...

2. Where you grew up?

Fort Hall, Idaho...REZ life.

Small town life...loved it...

3. Where you live now?

My "Home"...I'll miss it...

4. Your name?

Surprise, Surprise...

5. Your grandmother's name?



6. Favorite food?

Indian Tacos are teh sisters/mom's especially

7. Favorite drink?

Dr. Pepper

8. Favorite song?

Come back to me - Janet Jackson

9. Favorite smell?

Early Morning Rain

10. Last thing you ate?

Burger King...yey

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