Tuesday, April 5

I miss my self-worshipping days...

I've let my self slip ALOT in the past couple months. Not only have I gained like 10 lbs but I don't even try to put make up on, even when I go out! WTF My hair is uninspiring to say the least. I'm still on the cusp of growing it out or getting another cute short cut. But then again...for some reason it's been put in my head that I am now officially "fat". *gag* I don't feel like it but crap I'm not gonna go around and be all emporer's new clothes if I have a fat head. Which I guess just means to me I need start buckling down and quit with the trill excuses not to fucking get out and run. I haven't ran in forevers. Something. I guess I just miss the excitement of putting on make-up and taking pictures of myself. Just to say damn I'm cute. I didn't care if anyone else thought so...I did. Bleh..something.

Hahahaha...I swear I conjur the most retarded music on my launchcast jootbox...hahaha...random songs that I need to get me out of my rut.

I get it Michael...I'm Bad.

LMAO...Get over myself, like whoa.

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