Monday, April 4

My thoughts on Marriage...(too early in the morning)

A question was posed in the Native Pride forum on what marriage means to me and how I would define it. Someone already said it was more about commitment than love and to a certain extent I here was my response:

I agree with Malynda when they say it's more about commitment than love. Although, I wouldn't being getting married if I didn't truely love the person I'm with. For me getting married isn't about the benefits or a legal name change, it's about promising our lives to each other before Maheo, our families and the people we love that we'll put each other first and stay committed to one another. It's a day to celebrate that commitment to each other and a time for our families to meet and become one. Its the point and time where families bless the two beings that have came before them, promised to have each other's best interest at heart and for them to either agree or disagree it's a good match. In any event, I don't need a piece of paper to tell me that I'm going to be with someone for the rest of my life. I just want the opportunity to promise before my family and his that this is the only person that I want in my life, to raise my kids (or not if you don't want any), who knows without a shadow of a doubt I want my plug pulled, that I trust will have OUR (and OUR family/future family's) best interest at heart above his own and I inturn will do the same.

Marriage isn't for everyone. Some people think they need marriage to complete them as a human. Some will never get married if only for the simple fact is that they don't need to or want to and that's great. Marriage isn't necessary for everyone but if you choose to do it don't do it cause it sounds good or seems like the right thing to do. Do it cause it's important to you and it means something to you and you're ready to put your integrity on the line.

Marriage is everyone's right and until it's legal for everyone, it's a taken for granted priviledge that we should take seriously or not do at all.

My cheap two cents.

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