Saturday, August 28

Lip Rings, Foam & Broken Glass....

That was the story of my night. In a nutshell.

I spent an obscene amount of money on stupid face jewlery and I swear I was possesed when I bought the shit cause only two of what I bought I actually like. Go me.

All I wanted to do last night was dance. My pal wanted to hang out cause he had nothing betta to do so we did. He went to Nation with me. So I got there a little late for open bar and since I paid my effin $15 bucks to get in...I was going to get my money back in drinks and then some. haha 8 cran and vodka's later I finally get on the dance floor. If my friend wasn't sending me tha boredum vibes I would have tore it up but alas...

so in between the vodka and dancing I was getting a little tired and the night was still young. Not wanting to give up totally on my quest to make the most of what I had I saw the doors to the outside were open. So I told my pal...lets go mang.

So we go and Guess what I see...


NIGHT SAVED! I immediately jump in and get my ass all soapy foam wet and it was great. Even my friend had fun! I thought it would be damn near impossible for that to happen. We danced for about an hour and then called it quits cause there is only so many bubbles I can breathe in and not get sick. So quitting while we were ahead....we head home.

That is when...we saw his window. Broken in. Stereo...stolen. I was like um...babe...your window is missing dear. He didn't drink a lick so I thought his head was going to splode. I managed to convice him to file a report despite it not doing anyone any good. The police came took the report and that was that. The guy managed to cut himself pretty good cause there was a considerable amount of blood. Karma Karma Karma. C'est la vie.

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