Wednesday, August 18

I gave my panties to a nerd

That how I feel today. I feel like I'm Samantha and this is the day from hell. It just feels blah.

I need to find my Jake Ryan! The person that makes me feel beautiful, sexy and loved just to be around them. And have them feel the same way about me. As much as I want him, I suppose I'll have to wait. I need to get back into school first and become a geek. *rawr*

While I was thinking about it I though I would do my very belated check in with my new year's resolutions. *tee hee*
Beginning of the year I was I was going to:

1. Learn to become the kick-ass skier I know I really am.
2. Learn to become the kick-ass guitar player I know I really am.
3. Learn to become the bad-ass golfer I know I really am.
4. Actually utilize my Gym membership.
5. Spend more time with my little brothers.
6. Stay single for an entire year. (NO MORE PRETTY BOYS!!!!)
7. Appriciate myself more the my accomplishments.
8. Earn at least 12 credits this year. (ha ha ha)
9. Telling all the co-dependants in my life to flick off and do it yourself once in a while.
10. Smoke only 185 days this year instead of all 365.
11. Stop smokin' da crack pipe.
12. Not forget anyone's birthday.
13. Fly myself to Hawaii for my Birthday.
14. Get my milkshake to bring all the boys to the yard.
15. Not give a damn about what the price of rice in china is.

Now I am...

1. Waiting til the new skii season...Go me.
2. Guitar...what guitar....must make some calls.
3. Bad Ass Golfer...Maybe golden tee...perhaps I'll makes some calls.
4. Just cancelled. I have my own mini-gym @ home.
5. Haven't seen them yet. I need to badly.
6. Well I've managed that so far. Single with a crush...hopeless romantic.
7. Hmm...what have I accomplished this year...oh own place *pat on back*
8. Again...I will say ha ha ha....
9. Hey I did it for Roach and look where she is now. Her own place too. *pat on back*
10. yeah...cutting down as we speak...*lights up another*
11. This was just a metaphor for get a fuckin life. I have a nice one so far.
12. I don't think I did. Everyone got a call or a card or comments.
13. Didn't do that....maybe I'll buy the ticket this year for next year.
14. Well if you count my avatar then go me.
15. Yeah...i still working on not sweating the small stuff.

What I would like to do before the end of the year:

1. At least pick a school and get enrolled.
2. Pay my fees to get my licence back.
3. Learn to effin drive stick. I'm 24 for Ingalls sake.
4. Accept the hopeless romantic that I am and love myself for being so.
5. Quit drinkin and smoking to pay for the trip to Hawaii.

We'll see how it goes.

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