Monday, August 2

That's the state of the world today...

Dude I'm on an elevated alert

Go me.

Yeyness, DC is on elevated alert. Someone wants to put a bomb in my neighborhood. Nice. At first I was really frightened. I felt like someone just punched me in the lung and I lost my breath for a second. Then I came back to reality. While I does make me really doesn't change anything does it. I mean it's always a possiblity and always will be a possibility that terrorist are going to bomb my little city. And that's what I accepted when I came back here to be with my family. Knowing and being close to my family everyday is worth more to me than being anywhere else in the world. Seeing my neice get taller and taking my nephew to Orioles games is fucking money in the bank. That's food for my soul. Being neighbors with my dad and sharing our stories together. Making eachother laugh. Just being close in general is worth more to me than anyone could ever give me. And I won't give that up. I love my family. And so I very happily choose to go on with life. Nothing will change for me. I just pray that god keep me.

In other news, Life is still grand and I'm taking things day by day. My new apt. is RAD to the bone. I love it. My family is healthy and happy. And everythang is alright. Right on.

I'm comming back to the light side (blogspot). Myspace is wearing me out. (But I love it!) I have the hugest infatuation with this almost 21 year old guy from NY. He is such an effin cutie! I love it. He's great and makes me smile the biggest cheesiest smiles. *le sigh*

Anyways, click below for some laughs. See y'all around. :)

Click here to know what it means to really bring the mosh!

Five things I'm greatful for today:

1. Costco and the crates of water.
2. My best friend getting a new car.
3. Maheo's blessings on me and my loved ones.
4. Free gum.
5. Money in the bank.

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