Thursday, September 9

My Trip to New York Part Un...

Well, well, well...

Where to start. Friday, I wake up @ 8 o'clock and scramble to get all my shit together. I was barely packed so I had to neatly stuff all my shit into two duffle bags. Plus, I the little things that you try not to forget and somehow end up leaving anyway. (like your cell phone and toothbrush!) And in doing so I was very very LATE! Kelli and I had planned to take off @ 10:00 and here I am doing the breast stroke in my sea of clothes @ 9:30. Clever.

So I finally jet out the door @ 9:40. Kelli is pissed I know. I hate making my sister mad but I do it anyways cause I'm a tard. Anyways, I get there and she has to burn some car music for our trip. Kewl. Then they remember she needs a new headlight. *goodness* So the honda goes to the doctor for a bit. We're stressed. It's not like we have to be anywhere. But we're hella late for our time and so we're rushed. Car done, Cd's done, and finally out the door by 12! *Whew* No Heart girls are never on time.

So off we go, turn up the jams and hit the road. Just me and my sister. Ah life is sweet. It took us freakin 7.5 hours to get to NYC. Fucking an hour of that was just waiting on to get off the New Jersey Turnpike on to the Lincoln tunnel. Since we don't have to be to our destination til about 9:15 or so we decide to mess around in Time Square. We have a drink @ Howard Johnsons and our bartender is no more than 19. She's so cute with her lit-uhl New Yawk accent. She's crazy. But she proceeds to tell me I am cause I drove 7.5 hours to meet a stranger. I said yeah, that's true, hopefully it's worth it.

We mess around New York somemore. Hitting up some stores. Getting the obligatory I love NY shirt. Saw Catwoman. Unfortunately missed the Naked Cowboy. (DAMN!) And talked to my Aunt Daisy to she could tell us where to go. It's getting late and Erick give us a reminder call to leave the City cause we have another hour to go to the heart of Long Island. We get the scoop on the nights happenings, grab a couple bites @ Mc Donald's of all places (Sorry NYC Pizza, next time my love) and take off to Queens Bridge Tunnel....

Soooo....on to Erick's...

It's 9:30. We're so late. But when are we ever on time? We start driving and then we realize we're probably ew-er than ew so we stop at a Gas Station to freshen up. (Yes, Erick, case solved) We stopped to put make up on and change clothes at a gas station because
A: Fuck I was so nervous it was beyond ridiculous.
B: I had stains my my shirt and you only get one chance to make a first impression.

So, we do our biznass and move along. The drive seemed to go by so fast yet the last 10 exits dragged on for-ev-er...and it seemed the closer I got the more nervous I got. And the more nervous I got I started to give myself stomache pains. It was aweful. Some randum girl called me right before I got to Erick's which was totally weird. It was a 202 . and I was like WTF? So I answer it. Conversation as follows:

Meh: "Yo"
Her: "Yo, is this KT?"
Meh: "Yeah, who is this?"
Her: 'Are you Gay?"
Meh: "Um...I'm bi-sexual"
Her: "Oh. What color iz you?"
Meh: "Brown? What the fuck does it matter? Who is this?"
Kell from the side: "Who are you talking to?"
Meh to Kelli: "Fuck if I know!"
Kelli: "Well why the hell are you telling them all this information?"
Meh to Kelli: "I don't know, don't yell at me"
Meh to girl: "Look I gotta go yo. I don't know who you are or how you got my . but late."

I know that was really lame and irrelavant but with all the tension Kelli got pissed at me and I at her and that so was not going to work. In about 10 minutes I get to meet a boy that I've had a crush on for almost over a month now and me and my sister fighting is the way to greet someone. Crazy! So following our crazy directions to Erick's house we get lost like 3 times. Not to mention he happens to be the only house without a . on it so the first house we stop at isn't his. At least we got a laugh out of that one and it relieved some tension.

Finally, moment of truth. We got the right town, we got the right street and we finally got the right house. Now to knock on the right door. He opens the door and he's exactly the way I imagined he would be and he give me this big reassuring hug. Awesome. He give Kelli a hand shake and I immediately bolt for the O cause I need to chill the fuck out. We sit and chill for a while to wait for a friend. Talk a bit about this and that. Friend doesn't show so we go to his house to check it out.

Seems he's too tired to hang out with us. So with one last failed try to get more partners in crime we head to the bar place (forgot the name.) Before we arrive we had to get some nurishment in that slender frame of his cause he hadn't eaten yet. Much to our detriment we stopped by a Wendys and he gets the necessary bi-products to fill his little tummy. Not being able to smoke in his car I wait til we arrive @ the bar to smoke. He proceeds to finish his food with the car off and me and Kelli congregate outside for a smoke. After he finishes, he gets out and we head on over to the bar.

Lady luck being the fickle bitch that she is Erick realizes all but too late that he left his keys in the car...and he has automatic locks! *yey!* He goes back and assesses possibilities only concluding to one. Hmmm... Plan A: Lemme break this window. I on the other hand, having just been with someone with broken window the weekend before, was highly against it. No way, Jose. That'll will suck, think of something else. Plan B ask someone for a hanger or a slim jim. Plan B futile. Plan C: Wait for someone he knows outside the club for help. Plan C sucess! A friend of a friend calls another for the number to Triple A (Which just happens to be 1-800-Triple A in case you're interested) et voila! Erick remember, Duh! I have Triple A! Call Triple A. The come amazingly quick and the night is saved!

To be continued...

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