Tuesday, August 17

Guess who called me last night?

I know you are going to think I am a psychopath skitzo but it's true. Why the fuck else would I say it?

I know right now your either saying...that ugly fucker, or what the fuckever or bullshit...

BUT alas, I don't care, it did and I am mad thrilled.

How could such an event happen?

My brother who has the dumbest fucking luck meeting celebs works @ the Hustlers Club down in New Orleans. He works the late night shift and during there shift rotations he works VIP. So alas, my brother is not one to be shy...and knowing at the one time I had a crush on this fool, has Vin Say hello to me on the phone. All I could say was omg...I love you...you are...OMG...I love you...He laughed and was like your brother is one cool dude. And I said thanks for the call and even talking to me...your awesome and he was like no problem, now you take care and handed the phone back to my brother. I love/hate my brother. I've been having trouble with insomnia lately and that phone call didn't help things. Suffice to say...I was on cloud nine. Still am.

Last night, I got to hang with one of my bestest buds in the EAST...Pacito. We went to go see AVP. (I'll get to that review in a second) I missed that little guy so bad. He is the true nerd to my dork. I can tell that guy anything and he me. I know there are at lest 4 people that can really invoke thoughts into my psyche. 1# my Numi, 2# my fucker, #3 Benji, and #4 Paco. They are all like my gurus with Numi being my social, Fucker being my practical/clarity, Benji being my logical, and paco more like emotional. After AVP, we went to his place and chilled for a sec and then he walked me home. We had a good talk about this and that. His love interest and mine. How I try so hard to be hard and tough when I'm just a softie romantic that wants the romance. It doesn't give me pleasure in admitting that its true. Inherently, I know that which I'm sure everyone does. But it's really hard for me to admit. And when I become smitten with someone...I'm gone. So suffice to say we had a great conversation and a great night. I wouldn't have seen AVP with anyone else in the world and it's great having him back. Hopefully we'll hang out again soon.

AVP: While I will admit the cinematography was most excellent and better than I thought it would come out, the one hundred and thirty minutes of PG-13ness was irrevokably sad. Who ever composed such dialouge needs to be shot. It wasn't even original. "The enemy of my enemy is my friend? (Grasshoppa)" Give me a break. It was Mystery Science Theater up in that piece. I've never laughed so hard in my life. The only thing that was lacking that I thought would have made a great addition to the overall theme would have either 1. a kiss or 2. at least a high five! C'mon! Can I get a high five please? At the end, I was so waiting for him to break out with..."You got the juice now..." (And can a bitch a friggin ride please? Thanx)

Anyways, back to my hole...Ciao Bailas.

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