Wednesday, August 11

Jesus, I am teh Ghey!

Spring in love?

Jesus I hope not! But I am developing the hugest crush on my myspace buddy Erick. The love hate relationship I have with myspace (mostly love) I've gotten to know this incredible dork who effin lights up my world with a simple hi. Why? I have to freakin clue! It's so outside of me I can't begin to comprehend. Why is it worthy of mention? Cause I freakin stayed up all night long just to talk to him about nothing. He's so freakin great its ridiculous. We have a couple things in common. Like being former twins that lost the sib at birth. (that was interesting) We aspire to be professional nerds. We're both crazy enough about each other to effin be e-tards and stay up all night long to chat. I helped him hook up his myspace profile so it wouldn't be plain. (Yes I am a freaking computer reject!) I think we're just infatuated with the fact that we're infatuated. Which is kewl. Cause I really don't mind at all adoring someone and being adored. At least we got the Aries/Leo combo working for us. Too bad/Lucky for me, he's in a different area code cause if I ever really met him in real life...I would probably pee my pants and run away. ;P

Click Here if ya want to be nosey.

The computer people at work are finally comming around to the realization that myspace is addicting. (I got a couple co-workers hooked..tee hee) Yeah. So I may get booted from that site soon. That'll suck big time cause then I'll actually be bored! I dunno. It's just crazy.

Other than my infatutation life is just peachy keen. Made my rent on time! (Sweet!) I actually have furniture. I need a T.V. but it keeps me reading cause I have so much frickin spare time. Currently reading Digital Fortress by Dan Brown. I effin love Dan Brown books. (If you haven't read Angels and Demons and/or DaVinci Code get on it!) They all rawk.

Besides all of that...

How y'all doing?

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