Thursday, August 12

Yesterday was a weird day. Well I guess the past 24 hours.
(This maybe long so if you read it god speed)

*some names witheld to protect the innocent and incredibly sexy*

I had stayed up the night before chatting on the net til the break of dawn and didn't get any sleep before I went to work. There is no good rational for staying up all night when I had to work. I, for some odd reason, just felt compelled to talk to my friends on the net, especially one in particular and loved every minute. I oddly was never really tired. I never yawned or felt the urgent need to sleep. I just kept chatting and smiling incredibly hard and laughing so loud I probably woke up my dad a couple times.

One member of my insane chat posse (ICP, yeah, son!) made me smile and blush so profusely it was ridiculous. (Thanx again for keeping me up, sugar and don't forget dinner is on me, aight) One kept making me laugh so hard you think I was high. (Tashie <3's Cowboys! Yee-haw! *LOL*) One was getting tipsy and sending me E-Cape Cods. (Next time lets get tipsy together, m'kay. *LOL*) One kept askin for my pink taco. (it's in the mail, homie...) One was in desperate need of porn cause they were horny. (it's in the mail,<3 u Chick!) And the other must have thought I was dead crazy because he kept tellin me to go to bed. I was like "In a minute...I a minute" (You know I heart you...I heart you alot.).

All in all it was a great night I didn't want to end but I had to get ready for work. The good thing about staying up all night is that I was finally up early enough to eat breakfast. That was a major plus. I even ironed my clothes! *Wow!* (cause if you know me I'm hella lazy and make my friends do it) I took a shower, ate my breakfast, took my Xenedrine (to help me stay awake) and I left early cause I knew I needed a Mocha Frappe majorly and a Red Bull. (not a fan of red bull but when you're desprate, you're desprate)

Made it to work and it wasn't all that bad. Thankfully, my job is seriously low maintenence and doesn't require me to operate heavy machinery. That helped alot. I did my upmost not to bite anyone's head off. Even though SOMEONE was effin plucking my last nerve cause they were jealous and acting childish. I made it through the day okay and interestingly still not tired. James wanted to celebrate the birth of her new god-baby. (Congrats, JAMES!) So you know how we do...We gotta celebrate!

So after work she picks me up and we go to Ruby Tuesdays cause they got the "buy one get one for 1 cent" drafts (It's a good deal when its not happy hour) and James and Lyds were hungry as hell. We stayed there for a couple and then went to Champs to finish out happy hour. I was still doing fine but I was beginning to run on fumes. Kina wanted to play me on the Golden Tee so we do. I was kickin ass. Then Kina switched out and I played Benji for a bit. And everything was going fine...still doing fine despite the obvious lack of sleep. That is until I completely missed the controller ball and jammed my hand into the machine. I don't know why I held off from crying. I held it in and tried so hard not to cry. Well that was the worst made decision in the world cause holding it in + Lack of sleep + about 5 or so beers = Me VERY all of a sudden depressed. And I began to be really depressed about stupid shit and un-necessary things.

So in my new found depression I had to make a phone call. To who? I had no clue. I didn't wanna call my numi in state I was in. So I tried to call my brother. He didn't answer and that made me all the more depressed. So there I was, using a friends phone, didn't have any one to talk to and I didn't want to bring down the party so I smoked a cig and went inside. I pouted to Benji cause I thought I was ass out on the drunken depressed call to friends until I realized he had Satan's #. (Yey, I was saved!) So I call Satan of all people and she listens to me rant for I don't know how long about this, that and the other. I just ranted and ranted til I got it off my chest. And after listening to me til I cant rant anymore, she begins tells me whats on her mind. Listening to her made me feel better. Alot better. Depression magically disappeared and I was back to the me of things. (I love you Satan)

Next on the list is going to Lesbian night @ Apex. I had to go home and get out of my girlie clothes (I was way to cutesty like a school marm) and get into some dancing clothes cause I fully intended to rip up the floor. Some members of our party wanted to ziff on a spliff while I changed so they did. (Thanx for opening the window fuckers!) I was too gone for make up so we left for the club and had an excellent time. Lyds bought me some Mickey Deez cause I needed to come down off the drunk tank. And despite a little drama from the chics we met up with. I had a great time. I even got home @ 12 (Yey early enough for me to get SOME sleep). They dropped me off and I got into my bed attire. And as soon as my head it the pillow, I was out.

So that was my day. Nothing especially out of the ordinary but it still "felt" weird. I purpoly left out the drama cause I ain't havin it. I'm glad I made it alive and I'm glad that I was able to hang enough to enjoy the special times with my friends. Thanx for everyone that helped me out last night. Lyds I owe you one. One day on those rare occasions that my brain remembers that I don't smoke pot so it shouldn't kirk out on me like that I will call you for lunchtime debauchery.


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