Friday, March 12

Yay! It's finally friday! Finally. This week has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. I've been acting depressed lately but everyday seemed like a different emotion. Monday I didn't feel like me at all. It was like I was dreaming. Tuesday I felt better but my attitude toward life sucked. Wednesday, I cussed out an old lady for a parking space. (It was parking for mothers anyways and I had my sister and her baby! Plus, there was a perfectly just as good handicapp space across the way. She was being an asshole) Thursday I felt human again. I realize I am carrying alot of guilt over things that I don't need to. I got a guilt trip from my mom for not calling my little bro more often. She was right but she was drunk and I just can't talk to her when she's like that. I refuse to. This weekend again I am playing lo-key. I need to save my money to get out of that place. And plus, my birthday, and Lisa is comming, and I'm getting murried. I wish it could all be so simple. But anyways. Enjoy the rest of the day.

*Happy Friday, Y'all!*

*Five things I'm greatful for today

1. My sister can do her own websites now! Yay!
2. There is a job @ the Smithsonian that's perfect for Ryan.
3. My mother....(god bless her guilt trips)
4. My nephew's gullibullness.
5. My littel brother Sky. My little 9 year old wonder. I<3 him and miss him so much.

*Friday Randum!*

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