Monday, March 8 always...

Well this weekend came and went without much fanfare.

*Big Shout out the tha Fixico's in Shawnee!*
*I luff ya' guys!*

I hung out with Dee on Friday and had a goot time sipping away drinks @ hooters. We only went because the it was such an awesome day outside and they're the only ones with a patio. Saturday, it was just me, bubbles, the rain, and some Diana Krall. I had a blast. I went to teh little benefit they had here in Rockville that was nice. Alot of people (considering our community) showed up so that was nice. I only went to grub and git my commod cheese and frybread. Then I went to a house party with some friends. That was nice. I didn't get drunk enough to fall for the little boy antics these guys still play when they're drunk. Dude if you wanna hang ask me....don't slap my ass. And no you haven't told me you loved me...but yeah...I just met you so that's probably why.

I am not without a sense of humor but god damn. Just cause I'm native and your native doesn't me we should snuggle up in your snaggin blanket automatically....dude I don't care if it is your house.

In other news, Sunday, I concentrated on organizing my mess. I don't know why I feel so compelled to keep ALL my magazines that I don't subscribe to but should. I have like every cosmo from present to 2000. and I just can't let go.
My beanie babys that just sit quietly in a basket and don't hurt nobody but take up precious space. Can't part with them. My stupid joke collection of porcelin N'sync Bobble head dolls. Just cant let go.

Even freakin CD cases. What am I going to do with the? Have one big CD case. I don't need to keep the thousand plastic cases in a box. Clothes that look nice but I'll never wear cause they make me look old and boring. But they're some nice blouses. I keep on telling myself to keep them til I lose weight. but I'm not even focused on that. Blah.
I need to re-evaluate my goals. I need another job. I need my own place. I need my own car. I need a guy friend that doesn't get jealous when I go on dates or guys hit on me. I need a man in my life that makes me feel special.

Ick...I can't believe I just said the latter.

Anyways, ta-ta-for now.

*Five things I'm greatful for today*

1. My sister loving me unconditionally.
2. My sister being retarded.
3. Warm rain on a sunday afternoon
4. Billie Holiday
5. Native House Parties. They're soo not tha same. (Cept the music)

Monday Randum

Too be continued...(12:46)

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