Thursday, March 4

Thursday...'s thursday...I'm suppose to have a date but I don't know...I'm really freaking tired. I'll probably just go home and chill. In the meantime. Just waiting around for Lisa to get here. She's suppose to come stay with me on the 19th - 28th. I can't wait. She's a really awesome woman/dork. I so happy to have met her.

And in other new, I'm going to Vegas to get hitched for a dae. I know a whole helluva lot of people probably won't approve of this...but hey...if brittany spears can do it, so can I. I think I'll drink 12 red bulls though because I am twice the woman she is! *LOL* We'll see if I have the balls. I'm trying to get Stephy to go since she stood me up on Valentines. She gets to be my maid of honor. *smile*


Five things I'm greatful for today

1. The two boxes of Capri Suns under my desk...I can't seem to drink enough.
2. The fresh rain on the ground that reminds me of Oklahoma.
3. that it's one day closer to my birthday. (Click on the wishlist to see what I want....and buy it for me! LOL)
4. People who have nothing better to do than to make .wav files.
5. My F*cker who never ceases to amaze me everyday.

Thursday Randum

*kinda serious* Outkast related

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Nashville, TN ? February 20, 2004 ? Litefoot, founder and recording artist for Red Vinyl Records, 2003 Native American Music Awards ?Male Artist of the Year? as well as four-time winner for ?Hip Hop Album of the Year,? Hollywood actor, and Board Member and spokesperson for the Association For American Indian Development (A4AID) is requesting an appearance from Outkast?s Andre 3000 at this year?s Gathering of Nations Powwow for him to give a verbal apology to the Native American people in regards to his performance at this year?s Grammy Awards show, which broadcast on CBS on February 8th.

Litefoot strongly feels that the recent Outkast performance is one of many offenses towards the Native American people and he passionately believes that the disrespect for his people has gone on far too long.

The performance included Andre 3000 jumping out of a smoking tipi, surrounded by African American girls wearing green fringe leather go-go outfits and his DJ had on a full eagle feather headdress. The University of Southern California?s marching band joined them onstage with chicken feather hats and war paint on their faces. Andre was dressed in a green jumpsuit with feathers and moccasin boots, and he and his crew of dancers jumped around, popping their mouths.

?This performance represented the stereotypes [Native Americans] have been trying to overcome for decades,? said Litefoot. As an actor, Litefoot is faced with this racism and stereotypes in many of his roles, but through it all knows that the ultimate story line in everything is ?...with racism and stereotypes there is destruction.? He has been fighting for the people of Indian Country continuously over the past decade and has been recognized as a leadership figure to Native Americans, especially the youth.

The proud member of The Cherokee Nation of Oklahoma is outraged and sincerely disappointed in the lack of mention over this act of disrespect. He feels that Arista Records, Outkast, CBS, The FCC and The Grammy?s should be held accountable for this travesty.

?The FCC said nothing and no one else has even formally recognized it with an apology,? Litefoot complained. ?And look at the light that they are shining on that Janet Jackson issue. Her breast gets more attention than our whole race of people being utterly humiliated.?

Aside from the Grammy Awards, Litefoot has expressed other examples of disrespect fueling his anger. The night before the awards show, he watched a ?Native American Character? be made a fool of on Saturday Night Live. And, recently, saw the new issue of Vibe Magazine with Alicia Keys on the cover, in which the fashion section features an African American model in a nice suit with a head dress on. Also, it upsets him to see the Native American culture exploited through professional sports mascots and sports reporting such as Jillian Barbarei?s comment on FOX that simply and harshly stated in regards to the protest against Outkast, ?...Indians need to get a life.?

As an ultimate response to the ongoing disrespect towards his native people, Litefoot is organizing what he calls ?The Campaign For Equality,? which he proclaims will stand for the people and against human rights violations and civil rights atrocities like that which happened at the Grammy?s, but are perpetuated against the indigenous people of this country daily.

According to Litefoot, the campaign will focus on bringing awareness to mainstream society and reach worldwide. It will bring attention to the contradictions in society regarding civil liberties and basic human rights as today in the world for Native people. And he plans to take a strong look at the obvious contradictions held in hip hop regarding the recent EMINEM issue of race and the lack of acknowledgment and comment by other hip hop artists and hip hop press concerning the Outkast incident.

A major part of the campaign is the Gathering of Nations Powwow, which will happen April 23 and 24th in Albuquerque, NM. This is the largest annual event in Indian Country, uniting over 100,000 people from around the world. The ?Reach the Rez Concert Stage,? at the event, is expected to gather over 60,000 people in two days.

Litefoot has invited Rev. Jesse Jackson to appear as his guest at the Powwow. He hopes that Jackson, who agrees that the Grammy performance was inappropriate, will help to bring Outkast to the event to make a formal apology in person. A reputable source has said that a written apology was sent to the Associated Press, but Litefoot and the Native American people have never seen it.

?This would give Andre 3000 the perfect platform to say what he has to say, and give an explanation to the largest predominately Native American crowd he would ever be able to gather in person,? said Litefoot.

?We will make a difference no matter how long we have been told that we will not! I have made my mind up and I will not stop until I come home with a victory for the people!?

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