Thursday, March 25

Uh Oh...Tomorrow is...

*It's my freaking birthday!*

I know you are all excited for me. I get to offically hit the mid-twenties and officially begin my quarter life crisis. But I plan on doing it with a bang. Turning 24 is so not turning 30 so I'm going to keep partying on until I feel it's time to be serious.

Because why? Life is too serious to take seriously.

And to all my people in my life, I would like to thank for getting me to this point in my life.

First and formost the Maheo/Grandfather/God above. Without him I would cease to be apart of this world sharing the air with you nice folks. Maheo never has given me anything I didn't handle and continues to bless me all the days of my life.

My mom and dad for taking a chance on eachother anyway and concieveing me and my beautiful momishu/Numi (my little sister) out of love.

To my momishu, to whom the deepest joys of my life have sprang. You are my laughter, you are my tears, you are my warrior, and you are my heart. I'm glad you are my partner in crime in this life time.

To my family. Life has been interesting to say the very least but I wouldn't trade any of you for all the money in the world.

To my bestest friends in the whole world:

Stephanie: Geezush girl, you have never walked behind me or in front of me. I love you for that and will always be happy to walk beside you. *Shit we made it twelve years, lets make it 50 more*

Benji: The man who taught me was it is to love and be loved by another man not my family. You have worshiped me in the most beautiful ways and taught me to always look further than my nose to find my dreams. Thank you for always wanting the best for me and continue to do so.

Roacha: What can I say that I haven't told you many times before. You are the greatest light and gift to this world that I have had the privaledge to know. You are an inspiration to the Native community and our world is a better place for it. To the love of my life and the life of my love...Always.

And Ryan: Ryan Ryan Ryan...I have so many words in my heart that I can scarcely bring them to fruitition with our tearing up. And I know how you hate it when I cry. I can still remember the first day I fell in love with you. And if there was ever a time in my life that I knew I met a soul mate it was that day. You are strong part of my heart that beats. And I'm very happy that we have been mature enough to remain friends until this day. I wouldn't trade knowing you for anything. You are a capable, strong, intelligent human being. You contribute so much to the world and to me. Mvto. I'll love you always.

And as not to forget:

Fucker 2.0: It may seem sometimes surreal. That you met someone as stunning as me. But ever since that fateful day in January I never knew that I could meet someone and be so intrigued and fascinated and comfortable and so much alike that it's scary. But I'm glad that you're here in my life always knowing whats in my head and letting me be in your life as an equal. Constantly there asking me to think, and voice my opinion and reminisce. You are a new force in my life that I don't know what to do with. But I'm glad you're here. And I have no fear. That you will ever leave. or that you will disappear. Or ever cease to surprise. Or look me straight in the eyes. You give me that fucker smile. And never convice me of lies. You are one of the greats....too be continued...

Blah blah, mushfest is over. Go back to your homes.

*Such is my life...and it is blessed.*


*Thursday Randum*

You guys know you want to know how to flirt. So here you go. If you want a brush up...same applies.

Click here beyotch, I'm Rick James

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