Monday, March 15

Oh yeah. It's monday! Woot!

Yeah. It's another crazy monday gone by. It is soo freaking nice outside it's ridiculous. I'll make it quick today. I have thoughts to release but it's all dum skitzo stuff. One of my ex's is having a baby and my jaw dropped. Congrats to him but yeah....I'm happy for him...

*Five things I'm greatful for today*

1. The Black Album by Jay-Z
2. My webcam rox.
3. the sunset tonite.
4. My lip getting pierced soon. (hopefully)
5. Cleaning my room. Yay!

Monday Randum

Yes, I'm really freaking bored and in my bored'em and slight narcisim I put on pic on bang me dot net.

It's alright. It makes me laugh how alot of these people take this stuff marjorly seriously. It's childish. But it's funny.

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