Wednesday, March 31


Here was something I've been trying to find for ages...

9) Ma’heo’o Tsehehe’tovatsemenoto tsehestoestoveto he’amo’omee’e,
God the one who is our father who is in heaven (above-realm),
I wish for you to be respected.
10) Nehvehonoo’estse. Momoxeaahtoneto hetseno ho’eva
Sit as chief! I wish for you to be listened to / obeyed here on earth
hapo’e tsehesheaahtoneto heneheohe he’amo’omee’e.
likewise as you are listened to there in heaven.
11) Hetse esheeva nexhoxomemeno.
Today feed us.
12) Naa vonetano’totse nahtavesevo’eetahestonanotse hapo’e
And forget about our bad-doings (sins) likewise
tseohkeheshevonetano’tomovotse vo’estaneo’o tsehavesevo’eehaetsee’e.
as we forget about them people what they do bad to us.
13) Hoonestano’tovemeno vonohoha’ovahtsestova naa ne’aseotsheshemeno
Restrain us from daring / tempting each other but take us away from
where it is evil/bad.
Naa tsehneehoveto nevehonoo’e, nehohaatamaahe, naa
And you (yourself) you sit as chief, you are powerful, and
nevo’ho’eho’hevatamaahe hetsetseha naa a’ene’xoveva.
you have a lighted character now and forever.

The lord's prayer in Cheyenne. Lovely.

And in Creek as well...

Pu'rke hvlwe liketskat,
ce hocefkvt vcakekvs.
Cem ohmekketvt vlvkekvs.
Mimv hvlwe nake kometske momat etvpomet yvmv ekvnvn oh momekvs.
Nettv vrahkv tvkliken mucv nettvn pu'mvs.
Momet pum ahuervn es pum wikvs,
vhuericeyat es em wikakeyat, etvpomen.
Nake pu naorkepuece taye eskerretv 'sep oh ahyetskvs;
momis holwakat a sepu'ssicvs.
Ohmekketvt, yekcetvt,
momen rak'ketvt cenake emunkvt omekv.

Find it in your language...

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