Friday, March 5

Iiiiiiiiiiiiit's Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidaaaaaaaaaay!

Oh yeah, oh yeah, three weeks...til my birthday.

*does the roger rabbit*
*tries to do a flip and falls on her face*

Muahahahahaha! I don't care...I'm still excited. Today is suppose to be 75 degrees. It's Friday, I have a job, and I have ish to do. Oh yeah. Go me. I plan on doing nothing this weekend. Roacha wants to drag me to Dream tonite to go see Ludacris. I know most girls out there would kill to go. But damn. I ain't drinking til my birthday. I don't like to go to Ghetto bougois clubs anymore. Me and hip-hop are growing apart. I tried of going out every freaking weekend anyways. Why the hell, am i going to spend $20 to be sober and in the same space as some celebrity I ain't ever going to see. That makes soo much sense. If I was going to spend that $20, I would go to cubik instead. At least they have a "REAL" open bar and not that dolla a watered-down rum and coke shit. At least there I can at a fool, dress up or down, get drunk for free and keep $10 of my money. And see my friends. It's hard to tell Roach no sometimes cause she takes alot of things personally. Plus, when is the last fucking time she ever wanted to hang out with me @ Cubik? She hasn't wanted to hang with me in like months. *Note to self: Rant about Roach later* I don't like the pretentiousness of clubs like Dream and Home and H20. Especially the fuck not platinum. Why would I want to spend $8 on a rum and coke? That right there is just plain ludacris....

In other news, My dad decided to stay in Oklahoma for a couple more days which is good. I'm glad he decided to spend more time with his parents. He left tuesday because one of his aunts died. But he decided to stay to visit some family. So he's doing well. I cant' think of anything else to say @ the moment.

Five things I'm greatful for today

1. My family's good health.
2. getting a good night sleep.
3. Delivery
4. Chief Black Kettle
5. My Grandma Katie...I miss her...I need to go home and visit.

Friday Randum

*comming soon*

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