Friday, February 20

Woo....where did the week go...

I'm tired as hell. And the week is over.


Tuesday was okay. Wednesday was drama. Thursday was okay. Friday....I'm tired.

I've been meaning to write in this piece for a bit but I've just been soo freakin drained. Not enough sleep. I will get it tonite. I have no big plans this weekend other than to stay home, go the gym and rest. That is all. No drama. No alcohol. Just me and whoever wants to be bored with me.

It's all to the good.


Pebbles, you're the koolest ever. And that invite is good for anytime.

Carmen, Thank you so much for the blinkies and stuff. That's totally awesome. And I am forever greatful and indebted. If there is anything I can do your you lemme know.

To all my other blogger buds and frens and readers. Have a great and safe weekend. NO DRUNK DRIVING! I mean it and if it's your friends don't let them drive either. Just thought I'd put that out there.

I'll probably be online alot this weekend so if y'all wanna hit me up and get me out of my boredum it would be much appriciated.

OH yeah....would it kill you guys to join Myspace? Don't ask why I am obsessed with that stuff. It's just awesome to me. I need more recruits for Native Pride! So join and add me @ or

And if anyone wants a kissmyfrybread email addy lemme know. I have three spots left. and there up for grabs! You should already have a yahoo account but yeah. Kissmyfrybread....c' cool is that? LOL

Anyways, I'll let chall go. again...

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