Wednesday, February 11

Wed Nes Day

Just something to Read.

Friend #1: you ever wonder why people teach not to be prejudice...its bad...don't do kids.....cause to me prejudice, racism..etc is a natural reaction we have.....i say its ok to be prejudice racism, etc....its just not ok to treat people as such......your thoughts
Friend #2: Interesting.
Friend #2: That made my mind explode.
Friend #1: its a control thing for me...teach control of your feelings and actions......just you don't like somebody doesn't give you the right to treat them badly......unless course their actions dictate otherwise....and even then the bigger person in you should prevail
Friend #2: I get that.
Friend #2: My First thought….
Friend #2: As Native American's we learn prejudice at an early age. We learn from our elders that white people came and everything changed. Black people came and even more changed. Two sperate groups that changed our lives dramatically.
Friend #2: I don't agree with the word prejudice in general.
Friend #2: Prejudice meaning An adverse opinion or judgement formed beforehand or without full knowledge or complete examination of the facts.
Friend #1: yes webster i know what it is
Friend #2: Prejudice breeds ignorance and ignorance breeds hate.
Friend #1: and hate breeds suffering
Friend #2: exactly.
Friend #2: you see where I'm going.
Friend #1: yes.......of course i do
Friend #2: Another thing to is that as a native american I get to have the "right" to be prejudice because the future of my race may depend ont it.
Friend #1: the "right"......but in having that right are we not treating those who would treat us badly in the same manner based upon the antithesis of the reason we were treated in the first we have the right to keep a perpetual cycle of equals hate?
Friend #1: of what equals hate?
Friend #2: I don't know. To me its seems a catch 22. We keep going on the cycle we're going to eventually die out because we know what hate breeds. But if we don't. We will cease to exist as a race.
Friend #1: but why do we need to hold on to hate to fire the desire to keep our cultural existence......and where does pride come into the mix?
Friend #2: I don't think it's hate so much as our need to ignore the fact that it's natural for us to love other humans (regardless of race) in general. We've been taught and conditioned to seek out only one truth. We are dying. We are our last hope. And even though Shananay is a fine girl you should really be with Nizohnii.
Friend #1: yes as i sat at the camp fire.....and little bird told me this.......she is a fine girl.....the truth is elsewhere
Friend #1: could not have summed it up better myself......

What cha think?

Five thing's I'm greatful for

1. Alarm Clocks
2. Loja (Turtles)
3. Old skool Jams. (Lighter Shade of Brown, ya heard?!)
4. Driving Skillz
5. Roach's first day of work.

Wednesday Randum

I would just post it but it's just too weird and creepy and I learned my lesson with snake man. Click here.

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