Tuesday, February 17

My weekend...

Well I'm back from my loooong weekend and what a weekend it's been.

I can't exactly remember all the details but I'll try to make them out as best as I can...

Friday: No kids to watch...booo. Went out with Roacha and Ryan to get nails done but was too cheap to pay $35 for a full set and settled on a kick ass haircut.

Before & After

Went with Ryan to play pool and stuff. We didn't play for long. Got a little happy and went home.

Saturday: Valentines day. My dad started off nice. I got my breakfast for free, I got hit on looking grungy, and I got flowers from my Valentine from afar, Ms. Lisa. They were beautiful. Roacha had to work so me and Ryan went to terrorize my sister and brother in law. Mission accomplished. We went and did some innane errands and got some groceries. We home. Changed clothes and took off to Baltimore to go to Sonar. We had a Phukken Blast! When we first got there it wasn't too great. We just got to enjoy 5 minutes of open bar (two free drinks for me!) and then proceeded to get the party started. Ryan is a natural showman as exhibited by this picture.

He tore the floor up all night long. There were some people that tired to test him. And I admit they did what they could do but no one came close to Harjo in my opinion. No one had the guts to do half the tricks he did. Or had the stamina to try. But anyways. I danced too but I'm not that daring. I got out ther when no one else did and still tore it up when there was. I love dancing and I don't suck at it. so we left Sonar about 1 cause we were tired and drove home. I made some happy VD calls and we ate at IHOP. We got home around 4 and passed the heck out.

Sunday: Lazy Day. Did nothing but play Parasite Eve on the PS2. I played for 2 hours straight and did nothing else. We drug roach out with us for some bonding and came home about 1 for all of us. We had a great time. We even got into a wrestling match at home. Butthole broke my giraffe nightlight but it was well worth it. Good times.

Monday: I tried to clean my room the best I could after that but my efforts were thwarted by sickness and dry heaves. I don't know what for. It was like an all of a sudden thing. (No I am not prego, I just had my time of the month thanks) That was weird. I took Ryan bowling last night. Beat his ass cause that's the only real thing I know I can beat his ass at. Kudos for me. Anyways, this is long enough for now. Peesh out peoples.

Five things I'm greatful for today:

1. Roses
2. Good dreams
3. Spare nightlights
4. Hawaii
5. Waking up 2 minutes before you should leave for work. Yeah!