Monday, February 9

Gay Marriage...

So in reading the morning paper today, I happened to find an article on the gay Marriage Protest in Boston Common. Usually, stuff like this I just ignore. But today something sparked a thought in me. (RARE).
One of the signs read:

Homosexuality is not normal

Marriage, ancient, sacred

I was like wtf. Where are these people when Actors/Actresses marry and divorce like it's running out of style. Changing husbands like they change their wardrobe. It's ridiculous. Why don't they protest at their doors about how they are ruining the sanctity of marraige. They flat out make marriage look like a joke.

Another thing too is they make such a big deal about homosexuality being a sin. It's just a big as sin as infidelity and divorce. But are those causes for protest? Nope. Just homosexuality. Because it's not "normal". Infidelity isn't normal either apparently. Where are the postests for that? What the hell is normal anyways? Are downsyndrome baby's normal? Are people that can turn away homeless people and not adopt kids that need love and attention normal? Are catholic priests that moslest boys normal? Are people that think they have a right to judge other people normal? Apparently so. Jane marrying Mary is going to ruin my hetrosexual life forever. Mark sucks because he want's to be able to be joined with Joe for the rest of his life and that's going to stop me from having a normal life. :-P

The bible also say judge not less ye be judged. So, I think I'm going to start that protest about that. Because protesting about only certain stuff I agree with and read in the bible and think it's law is normal. Other people's beliefs aren't. Afterall, this is America, dammat.

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