Wednesday, January 28


Today is another one of those crappy Washington winter days. Where it's not cold (Thank god) but it's icey as hell. I can even walk with good shoes. I wish I was in New York. The have snow like whoa. Thats kewl. I miss making snowmenz. *sigh*

I'm finally on my way to getting my own place. My Mates are on the job hunt. I get to watch my nephew and niece tonight and check out the new American Legends Disney (I know it's not really new but my sister just got her Disney of the month in the mail) I get to go to the Gym tonite. My friend Lisa is flying down for my birthday. My girl Stephanie is suppose to be my Anti-Valentines day date. (Where's your flight plans girl!) Benji is getting on my last nerve. And teh world is new.

I dunno. I'm all scrambled again.

For Carmen: if you look at what my brain DJ spins and right click, select save as, it'll give you that Billy Idol joint on MP3. Enjoy. I can hook you up with more but I'll give you that for now.

I'll jet for now. I'll probably come back to this after lunch. I'm hungry for some Oriental Ramen. Laters.

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