Tuesday, January 27

Tha aftermath...

Well it's Tuesday. I was still recovering from Friday *whew*

Ha ha just kidding. Friday was the bizzo, though. A fun time was had by all. Afterwork Benji so kindly drove me home but not before we stopped at the dolla cd shop and copped another couple cds. (Cece Penison, Mo'Money soundtrack, Ma$e. and the first Sugar Ray cd.) Man I have gotten the whole Sugar Ray collection for a dolla each. That's what I love about living in the big city. Po folk give up their good CD's and I get them for a dolla. Nice.

Anyways, Ryan got home exactly the same time I did to that was kewl. We all got ready, ate some pizza and then went on to HOME. HOME was great but we were almost the only girls there (me, kina, manda, and Roachie) We made the best of it anyways. We dance our asses off. Roachie got a lap dance (four to be exact) and a kiss for this hotness chick. Ryan found a kick ass girl and got her number and I made it homes safe. I would write more details but I just found out I"m getting off early so I'm going to go. Catch u all tomorrow.

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