Friday, January 30

Last nite...

Well this week as come and gone. Where does the time go? Me personally I'm a fucking myspace junkie and I rawk.

Awesome. I'm still partially slightly drunk from last night. Last night was really weird. It was kinda a me and Ryan night. We went to Alchemy/Alias last night and got really throwed off of Open Bar. NICE!

By 10 I'm was lightly toasted with a bit of butter and somehow this guy managed to hit on me enough to catch my interest. He was really kewl and he gave me head massage (that's orgazmic as fuck!). I had another pitcher of beer which I shared with Ryan. Ryan WAS having a great time dancing but then he decided to call the EX and subsequently was crouched in the corner for an hour and a half. Leaving me to be head molested by this guy. LOL. I'm not usually into white guys or syntha-goth guys in general but he was really kewl. And blunt as hell. I like that. I dont' know if I'll ever see him again but we'll see.

Ryan finally came out of his corner and I had already drank the rest of the beer and his (it was getting warm and it was abandoned which to me screams abuse!) and by that time he was sufficiently depressed so it was time to go. On the drive home, of course, he talked about her and how he wishes that we could be friends but she knows that I was out to get her and steal him away when they were together. WTF EVER! Girls got issues. Anyways, I was like what ever yo, I would be friends with her, she's trippin, and anyway. But it's all good. Drama time and tears later we landed home. We found roach all purdied up waiting for her ?"baby"? and it was funny because me and ryan started our own little rave at home. Roach and Ryan drank my Vodka shot and well all went to bed. Well me and Ryan did. Roach went out to meet the man of her dreams.

*Random the UPS man just dropped by and he's sexy as hell*

At least I woke on time for work this morning. It wasn't funny driving though. My senses are still a little shot but that's alright. I'm here I'm alive...I made it. Kudos for me.

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