Thursday, January 22

Since I have more time...

Well my best friend/ex-boyfriend/new roomate should be in sometime late tonite. Woo hoo. I can't wait. I love having my friend close to me and Ryan and I get along great for the most part. He's a great person. We bum head sometimes but that's cause he's a Taurus and I'm a kick ass Aries. (Bull headed/Stubborn Rams)

Speaking of which...

My beautiful sexy friend Midgie sent me this excerpt from a book she had about Aries women:

First-decanate Aries women are wild, free, and more pioneering than other Rams. They like to begin a project or a relationship with memorable force. There is no such thing as halfway for these gals. Many early-Aries avoid relationships, sometimes unconsciously. They prefer doing things their own way and don't like to answer to anyone else. These Aries women are incredibly purist in their attitude toward life, art, love, and everything else. They are not particularly stubborn, they are just incapable of compromising their integrity or watering down their intense personalities. They are naive in their business dealings, and most of them could use a good financial manager. They live in the now and don't worry about the future too much.

I find this to be soo true. There are many other excerpts but I thought this was the case cracker for me. Yep that's me in a nutshell.

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