Tuesday, January 6

Another long assssh quiz...cause I'm bored

[Name]: Spring Sunshine :P
[Date of Birth:] March 26th.
[Sign:] Aries, Baby!
[Current Location]: Washington, D.C.
[Height]: 5'8"
[Shoe Size]: 8 and a half
[Hair Color]: Med Brown, about to colour it black.
[Eye Color]: Med/light brown.
[Righty, Lefty, or Ambidextrous?]: Righty.
[Gay, Straight, Bi, or Other?]: . Depends on my mood.

[Any Sisters?]: Numi
[Any Brothers?]: Alden, Ivan, Micheal, Sky
[Any Pets?]: Shaggy my cat that live in Idaho
[A Disease?]: I got Slurpies.
[A Pager?]: Used to...not activated
[A Personal Phone Number?]: Yah.
[A Leather Jacket with Studs on It?]: No, no studs.
[A Heroin Needle?]: Nope just my trusty crack pipe.
[A Pool or Hot Tub?]: Niet, neither.
[A Car?]: None, I'm po'.

[Personality]: Dorky, silly, irratated, mysterious, sweet, cute, nice.
[Driving]: The speed limit maybe 4 miles over it (Yeah, I'm bad and dangerous).
[One you want]: Cute brown long hair nice smile.
[Room]: Sloppy/Purple/Glow in the dark stars/Organized mess.
[Shoes]: Black/some high/some low.
[School]: None currently.
[Bed]: Full and soft.
[Relationship with Your Parent(s)]: I love them both to death. My father is the greatest.

[Like to Drive?]: Yeah, but only long distances.
[Get Motion Sickness?]: No.
[Eat Chicken Fingers With a Fork?]: Pingers.
[Dream in Color?]: Doesn't everybody?
[Type With Your Fingers on Homerow?]: Yes, always.
[Sleep With a Stuffed Animal?]: I have this cuddly bear with no name.
[Believe In Yourself?]: Absolutely.
[Do You Believe In Love at First Sight?]: Yes.
[Consider Yourself a Good Listener?]: Yes
[Consider Yourself a Good Friend?]: I am a good friend til you start free loading and start settling. Settling = boring.
[Get Along With Your Parents?]: Absolutely.
[Save Your E-mails?]: The funny, sweet, or ex-bf ones.
[Save Your Chat Conversations?]: the coolest ones.
[Like to Make Fun of People?]: Yeah, but only because I make fun of myself mostly.
[Like to Talk on the Phone?]: Not really. Only if I have to.

[Right Next to You?]: My attitude adjustment jar, my bottle of water and my choco milk.
[On the Walls of Your Room?]: Janet Jackson posters.
[On Your Mouse Pad?]: Pendelton print from (www.pendleton.com).
[Your Dream Car?]: Pontiac GTO/Dodge Dart.
[Your Dream Honeymoon spot]: Bora Bora.
[Your Bedtime?]: Try to be by 11 but usually not.
[Under Your Bed?]: Porn, old clothes, unused blankets and God know what else.
[Your Bad Time of the Day?]: When I get home from work and realize I should go to the Gym?
[Your Worst Fear(s)?]: The Dark.
[The Most Recent Trick You've Played on Someone?]: Magik Thumb with my nephew.
[Your Funniest Experience?]: Anytime with Numi (We alwasy laugh and laugh hard).
[Your Scariest Moment?]: Being alone outside in the rain all night with no where to go.
[The Silliest Thing You've Ever Said?]: God, I don't know ask Dangerous Angel.
[The Worst Feeling in the World?]: Realizing the man you love doesn't love you and you don't care.
[The Best Feeling in the World?]: Spooning with your partner, beating Ryan at Tekken Tag and chess in the same day, my nephews face at christmas, getting a hair cut that looks great, being asked on a date, getting to know someone for the first time and realizing you've met one of your soulmates, being drunk with your friends @ 5 am in the morning and realizing you have the bestest friend in the whole world.

[Number?]: 9.
[Color?]: Purple.
[Month?]: March baby.
[Song?]: Creep by Radiohead.
[Movie?]: Mona Lisa's smile got added recently.
[Food?]: Native and Mexican.
[Season?]: Spring, of course.
[Class?]: Contemporary Issues in Native American Society.
[teacher?]: Roger Horrocks.
[Drink?]: Choco Milk/Ginger Ale.
[Store?]: Urban Outfitters.

[Me/You]: You.
[Coke/Pepsi]: Virgin, ha ha but if I hafta choose Coke.
[Day/Night]: Night.
[Aol/Aim]: AIM.
[Cd/Casette]: CD.
[Dvd/Vhs]: DVD.
[Jeans/khakis]: jeans.
[Car/Truck]: Truck.
[Tall/Short]: Tall.
[Lunch/Dinner]: Dinner.
[Britney/Christina]: Christina.
[Gap/Old Navy]: Old Navy.
[Alcohol/Weed]: Alcohol.

[Do you have a bf/gf?]: No.
[Do you have a crush?]: Yeah, Shane West.
[If you're single... why are you single?]: The thrill is gone
[How long was your longest relationship?]: Four years.
[How long was your shortest relationship?]: Two months.
[Who was your first love?]: DeWayne Rhodd.
[what do you miss about them?]: laughing with him, his big o'lips, his scrawny arms.

[What is the biggest mistake you've made in your life?]: I didn't stick with college the first time.
[What is the last thing you said?]: Can I get a Choco Milk too?
[Who is the last person you saw?]: Benjamin.
[Who is the last person you kissed?]: Lisa for New Years Eve
[Who is the last person you hugged?]: My father this morning.
[Who is the last person you fought with?]: Kina.
[Who is the last person you were on the phone with?]: Benji.
[What is the last TV show you saw?]: Law and Order SVU.

[What are you wearing?]: My black Karate pants and my purple turtle neck.
[What are you doing?]: Listening to the lastest District Soul mix.
[What song are you listening to?]: See above.
[Where are you?]: In Rockville, MD @ the Dept. of Health and Human Services.
[who are you with?]: My co-worker Crystal.
[what are you feeling?]: Tired and a bit hungry.

[What day is it tomorrow?]: Wednesday, January 7th, 2004
[What are you going to do after this?]: Eat Lunch and take a nap.
[What do you want to be?]: A children's advocate/counselor.

[Drank?]: Yes.
[Smoked?]: No.
[Had sex?]: Yes.
[stolen?]: Yes.
[Wanted to die?]: Yes.
[hit someone?]: Yes.

[What do you most like about your body?]: My hair/smile/EYES/lips.
[And least?]: My teeth.
[How many fillings do you have?]: Don't know.
[Do other people often tell you that you're good-looking?]: Yes.
[Do you look like any celebrities?]: Used to look like Danica Keller now I don't have a clue.

[Do you wear a watch?]: Sometimes.
[How many coats and jackets do you own?]: five.
[Favorite pants/skirt color?]: worn out jeans from Pac Sun.
[Most expensive item of clothing?]: Coach hand bag.
[What kind of shoes do you wear?]: Sneakers/boots/these cute high heels I have.
[Describe your style in one word]: Eclectic.
[How old are you mentally?]: Sometimes 20 sometimes 26.
[What is your worst quality?]: I'm too nice to people sometimes, when I shouldn't be.
[What is your best quality?]: I'm open.
[How long does it take you get ready in the morning] about 15 minutes.
[Did you like this quiz?]: It was alright but tedious. I got tired at the end.

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