Thursday, January 29

The Thursday Random

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How to tell if it's luv "NDN style"
1. He adds you to his commodity foods household list.
2. He'll buy pampers for your baby, even if it ain't his.
3. He lets you give him hickies even when you've been together for awhile.
4. He hocks his rifle to bail you out of tribal jail.
5. He don't try to scam on any of your friends or cuzin's.
6. He'll hang onto you while walkin' round the arbour at the powwow.
7. He spends his firefighting check on you.
8. He tries to find a job, even when it's not fire season so he can buy you stuff.
9. He tells you that you have chokecherry eyes & frybread thighs!
10. He tells you that he luvs you, even when he's sober!

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