Thursday, January 15

Bored out of my Gourd

So as I sit here thinking of something interesting to say I find that I have nothing. I sit here with a unopened mountain dew and the days brain droppings. My random thoughts. (Cause I'm randum) As I sit here listening to Bjork and John Coltrane I think to myself:

What am I here for?

Why do I do this?

Why do I breathe?

Why do I fall in love with boys that don't love me like that?

Why do I push away the ones that treat me like a princess?

Why do I pawn myself off as a sex object when Im not?

Why do I smoke so damn much?

Why do I pretend to not care that I'm not in school?

Why don't I get a second job since I really do need the money?

How am I going to get an apartment in two weeks?

Why do I like to my life to be complicated?

Why do I feel like a gay man inside a woman's body?

Why am I not focusing?

Why don't I write something substantial and quite wasting your time?

Am I going to go back to College?

Why am I addicting to buying little stuff that I don't need?

The answer plain and simple.


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