Wednesday, June 9

Randum Thoz...

I don't know what I'm thinking or what the hell I'm feeling. I'm tired. I'm in a silly mood. Too much to think about.

Some would consider themselve lucky to live where I live. Ronald Regan is having his stay here in our nations capital for the next few days. It opens up at 9 to the public. I don't know if I wanna go. I should go. I mean not many people are afforded this opportunity. I live literally less than a mile a way. I should. But I don't feel like it. Not right now anyway.

I need to clean my room so badly it sux. I have too many clothes. Still trying my hardest to simplify. there are just too many old letters/trinkets/etc. to let go of. Who keeps porcelin N'Sync bobblehead dolls that are still in the box that I bought at the dollar store as a joke really?


Oh yeah...I ran in to an old aqaintence a couple days ago. A The french guy that I dated on and off for about 3 months and dropped like a bad habit last year. No goodbye. No returned calls. Nada. He saw me on the street and recognized me. He was like "Spring! How you been? How es everything?" I was like fine and all the while thinking to myself. shitfuckfuckfuckshitfuckshit. I didn't know what to do. It was really awkward. Especially since he was being so nice to me. I was like wtf? Yeah that'll happen a couple more times cause now he's for sure going to blow up my phone. What a fucking retard.


Lord help me. I need to finallly get back to my website and fix it up all purdy like. It's been down forever. I'm just a lazy ass with dial up and no creative thought.

Forget that...I'm creative. Just lazy.

Someday I'll stop.


Yeah...I have more and they'll come when they come. As for now. I will go.

Ciao, Bailas.

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