Tuesday, June 15

In the arms of the angels you fly....

Today started as anyother day. But from the beginning I new it was a different one. Today is the celebration of my mothers life. The day she was born. Like any great daughter I forgot. *typical* I had decided to wait and call her later during lunch so I put it off til then. Then around 12 I started to feel very tired and weary. I took my lunch but tired to sleep but it was no use. I was restless and as soon as I closed my eyes it seemed I started having a chaotic dream. One where the world was literally turned upside down. Even asleep I wasn't asleep. I just watched the everyone and tried to hold on and be strong. When I came back to my desk I got another one of those phone calls. The same phone call like had recieved only the week before.

As in alot of other cultures, when children are born in a family everyone is family. Cousins are new mothers and fathers. Aunts are also new grandparents. When your cousins have children they are also your children. My cousins whom I grew up with are my brothers and sisters. The closest one being my cousin Rachael who is onlly 3 months younger than I and also my cousin Ryan who is 4 years younger. They are my siblings and I love them as dearly as I love my biological brothers and sister.

My numi, Kelli called me and when she was finally able to eek it out I could hardly breath. One of my little ones was gone. Our little Ashlyn had passed away. Today was the day she had decided to take her journey. It was finally her time to move on from this life.

I have been there for everyone of my nieces and nephews births. I was there the first day she was born. When Ashlyn was born it was an exciting event as they all are. I remember being in the hospital and everyone being so excited. The brand new Aunties and Uncles and my Aunt being the most excited of all. When Ash was born she was so beautiful. I cried cause I'm a sap for the miricle of life. She didn't cry very much but when she did it was so cute cause it was just this sweet little wail. She was the first female grandchild. The new ndn princess was born. :D

The next day, we got some intersting news. It seemed our Ashlyn was special in more ways then one. She had been born with an extra chromizome. A condition called Trisomy 18. A condition that hardly ever goes to term but comming from the strong family that she does, she did. When Trisomy babies are born they are given a life expectancy of 2 weeks to 3 months. Anything pasted that is a miricle and of course not unheard of. Ashlyn was strong and she gave us amazing joy for four years. To me there is nothing more amazing in my life than that. She was truely a blessing and blessed each and everyone of us. She was always happy. She always had a smile. She had her fathers eyes and her mothers eyelashes. I always remember her most for her little dances that she loved to do. That little chick loved to shake her booty! She loved music. And she was loved very much by everyone who knew her.

~*~Ashlyn Rose Wallace~*~
~*~December 4, 1999 ~ June 14, 2004~*~

My little one I love you.

Thank you for being in our lives and choosing us as a family.

In your four short years, you taught us what it is to be happy everyday.

How to smile everyday cause life is short.

I will grieve for you cause I miss you.

Cause you were so strong and so silly & happy.

But I will also be joyous for you are now once again whole & without pain.

You will never beforgotten.

Our Angel in life.

Now our Angel forever.

Take care my love.

On to the creator you fly.

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Anonymous said...

Bless you and blessed be your sweethearts memory.