Tuesday, June 1

Don't pee on my leg...

And tell me it's raining.

I don't need it.

Ha ha. This weekend was a looong one! I can't believe it. I'm very very glad that it's only a four day week.

How many of you remembered your moment of silence @ 3 est? I didn't I forgot. But then again I was watching a movie and was quiet so does that count? :)

Friday was crazy as usual. Drunk times. No Drama. Saturday...just hanging out and playing some pool and darts with friends. Sunday, Lounging around/watched Lord of the Rings "Return of the King" for the millionth time. (That movie always gets to me.) Monday. Just hung out with my sister. She's goopy.

Nothing too exciting. Cept, I may be getting my own apartment next month. IN the same building no less! No more living with my father. And no having to live with roomates. And I don't have to leave the neighborhood I've come to love and adore! It's great! I love it. Pray for me that it works out guys!

Moving on...

I've come to the realization that I need to do an incredible amout of simplifying. I have to much junk and clutter. I'm a pack rat and a junk junkie. O hord all kinds of inane objects in the hope of holding on to some distant memories past. Old movie stubs, plane tickets, N'sync bobblehead dolls, my beanie baby collection in a box, Clothes that I convice myself I will wear when I am "skinny". Tons upon Tons of crap. Just laying on my room. Cause I'm lazy. I'm a lazy woman. Tonight my goal is to start simplifying. Clutter doesn't define me or make me who I am. Trinkets don't hold all the love a person has for me just cause I possess it. I am a willing and able person to do this...I deserves this. God knows I deserve a simple happy carefree so I can find my damn keys in the morning without shaking down the place life. Let's see how much I think I really do deserve this. My goal is to have it done by the end of the week.

Ciao Bailas,

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