Friday, May 7

Yo! I met Vince Vaughn!

I had the fucking time of my life last night.

I didn't expect to anything last night. I didn't even expect to go out. Roacha decided to take pity on my poor soul and took me out. It was kewl. We went to Big Hunt cause we were too lazy to figure out someother place to go. So we waited for her friend Julius (who has the best Native humor ever!) to get off the metro and then went. It was great. We had a couple rounds and then Julius had to go home. But not before Benji showed up. So another couple rounds and then someone just rudely bumps into me. And when I turn around there he was. The awesome and very tall Vince Vaughn.

Vince in his hay.

Thank god for digital cameras!

Benji and Owen

Anyways. I took this picture and then continued to be star struck. I absolutely love Vince Vaughn. I loved him Clay Pigeons and Psycho. I dunno. Just something about him.

Anyways, miscellaneous.

Benji and me.


Anyways Happy belated Cinco de Mayo.

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