Friday, May 21

Where did you week go?

I don't care where mine went...I'm just glad it's freaking Friday! Thank god. Plus, it's Payday! And I all my back bounuses... Great. Too bad I had 3 stupid over drafts. So I didn't get to enjoy any of it. ;(

Oh well that's the way my life is. It's my own damn fault. Either I can crap on myself about it now or be thankful I finally technically got a full paycheck. (The latter sounds better don't you think?) Yeah. I finally got a full paycheck. Yay! lol

Anyways, Ryan asked me to go to Red Earth with him. I know it makes his parents sad cause they wanted me to go to the Ala-Cou pow-wow but I dont' see that happening. Roacha's friend M is going to that one and I can just feel all the drama stemming from that. Tha girl is really nice and really sweet and everything. She means totally well. but...She's never grew up on the rez. She don't know what it's like or has the first clue. Plus, she thinks she's really hot and cute shit and doesn't care if she steps on toes. That's going to be an interesting one. For Roach having to deal with her and me. I know I could take care of myself. I know how girls are when they think you're trying to "take" the good men off their rez. Even if they don't like em. Don't be tryin to take what don't belong to you. lol.

Blah blah blah, I wanna gossip more but I'll stop. It's just not the best of situations. I hope it works out for them.

As for me, I'll be snaggin @ good old Red Earth. With My BEST FRIEND Ryanna! Yeah. I get to see Ryanna again! I miss that fool. I miss the chess and the wrestling. I miss his awesomeness. It'll be good to see himz. And I just heard that my girl James is going to Red Earth too. Hell fuckin yeah. It's going to be on til the break of dawn. I just hope I don't run into any "old" boyfriends. Well really there is only one and I sure as hell don't want to run into that fool. :( Blah.

Man I'm rambling.

I'll go for now.

Updated song list for the week:

1. I know you want me - Nastyboy Klick
2. Tainted - My Ruin *I <3 this*
3. Diary - Alicia Keys
4. What happened - Gretchen Wilson
5. On a High - Duncan Sheik

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