Wednesday, May 5

It's Wacky Wild Wednesday!


Today my nephew's pre-k class had wacky wild Wednesday. Where obviously you dress Wacky and Wild. Never to be outdone my nephew wore Fuzzy Blue Alien Antennae, his dad's old tie around his head. An oxford with sock arm gloves and two tanks. sponge bob pajama bottoms with boxers over them. and his bear claw slippers. It's was this shizznit. His mom asked him if he wanted to wear his sunglasses too and he goes *puts his little hand up* *serious* "Mom, that's a little too much".

I Heart my nephew!

Needless to say either the others didn't dress up or the best they could come up with is just wearing plain pj's. One kid even went as far as wearing underwear on his head. (now that's a litte too much) I picture soon.

On another note....

Are any of y'all comming out for the "big" pow-wow in September conmemorating the NMAI Grand Opening Ceremony?

You have to. That's joint is sure to be mad crazy with Natives from all over! Native Celebs. (C'mon you know Adam Beach is going to be there, lol) Vendors. The whole sha-bang.

So come guys...I'm asking you. Begging you!

Even if you are iffy right now fill this out so you can be in one of the biggest grand entries possibly ever. Click here now!

Anyways, That's all I have to say about that. DC y'all. Bring your families. Bring your snaggin blanket it and lawn chairs!

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