Tuesday, May 25

BOREDUM: Firsts and Lasts...

I haven't done one of these in a while...

First real memory of something: Being in the living room of my first house christmas morning. It was morning light and dusky the whole room was brown and I was so happy I got a rocking chair with a special cushion just for me. I was prolly 3.

First car: The first car that I bought was an Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback. Red. It was old cute and all mine.

First date: Burger King, spitwad fight and a movie.

First kiss: My first love. It was our first night out as a couple (we'd been friends for a while) and he kissed me as soon as he saw me. Aaaaah he had the best lips in the world.

First break-up: Same guy, I couldn't believe it hurt so bad.

First job: Summer intern @ DHHS/IHS

First screen name: shyone17

First self purchased album: MTV Party to Go: Vol. 1

First piercing/tattoo: well my mom pierced my ears when I was 8 months but I got my lip peirced when I was 21.

First enemy: Stephanie Smith. I didn't like her at all when I first met her. But eventually we became and still are best friends.

First play/musical/performance: Christmas Play with Carebears in it...I was funshine bear...go figure.

First music you remember hearing in your house: Country. My momma was a Reba Mc Intyre/Judds (sp?) fan.


last movie seen: Van Helsing...okay to miss. watch if your bored and hard up

last book read: Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. (Fucking awesome and so much better than Da Vinci Code)

last crush: Since I'm going to say internet crushes don't count....(My ex-bf Mr. Man...)

last kiss: An Hour ago...my nephew Tris

last time felt loved: 5 seconds ago...my best friend Roacha called.

last phone call: Ha ha Roacha

last tv show watched: Real World/Road Rules Challenge

last time showered: Yesterday.

last shoes worn: My black 4 inch heels. (they're so cute!)

last item bought: My sister and my nephew's lunch

last annoyance: Tris kept trying to wipe his tomato hands on my new white linen skirt.

last disappointment: Road Rules won.

last ice cream eaten: James bought me an ice cream after hfstival.

last time in love: Ha ha...fall of 2001...Ryan.

last time hugged: My Roacha last night.

last shirt worn: black fitted tee with "This is what a feminist looks like." on the front

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