Tuesday, May 18

A little poem if you will...

Um...you dropped something.

My head races as my heart screams.
My head melts as my eyes wander.
Lost and confused yet so annoyed.
Wondering when and what, why.
Staying stationary hoping for sense to come back.
I lost a lot I admit to myself.

I have not had nor wanted this thing for a while.
But somehow you have unknowingly left it here.
As if you dropped it on accident.
Not meaning to.
I hold it close wondering if I should give it back.
For what use is it to me?

What good is it to keep such a thing.
It weighs on me like I haven’t felt in...
It weighs me down and tugs me backward.
I can’t seem to get up.
I can’t seem to make it let go.
I can’t breathe.

It seems trivial to have such a thing.
Simple yet wrought with meaning and complications
I shouldn’t keep this
It wasn’t meant for me.
It was surely placed here by accident.
I have no choice but to return it before anyone notices.

I shouldn’t be seen with it.
So, I’ll just put in my sock drawer like a keepsake
Of what may have been
Had I known I had the courage then.
I now have not the courage to regret.
So I'll leave it there til perchance I see you again.

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