Wednesday, May 5

Now why don't she write

I hardly ever find the time to just lay down thoughts ya know. Lay down these little thought fishies in my head. It's Cinco de Mayo and I have 20 bucks to my name. I suppose I'll save it for tomorrow so I can get piss drunk with Benji and win all the "Friends" trivia prizes cause I can. lmao. Yeeah. I have my other blogger outside this. I post most of my thoughts there. There are times, though, that I can't really say want I want cause alot of Natives (Americans) are so conservative. Not all of them. Not like I really care. If I really wanna say something I will. But once I have to second guess myself it seems pointless. I don't ever talk about being Two-Spirited. Or what it means to me. I wouldn't even know where to begin there. Not that it's a big deal. They know. I just don't make it a big deal. I dunno why I don't. Some of its like I don't wanna make a "official statement" like I felt compelled to or something. "Just so they're is no confusion I like pussy, too. Any questions? Good." That's just seems silly. And totally un necessary. I guess maybe it's just that my dad reads my blogger. Sometimes. And we haven't really talked about me being two-spirited. Although he knows as well. He's Two-Spirited too and the greatest guy I know. I fluctuate from I can tell him anything to sweating the petty shit cause he's my dad. Sweating the un necessary non-sense. It's like the baby white elephant in the middle of the room that's not bothering anyone so don't talk about it. Shh. If anything I should talk to him more about this. But alas....*whatever* If you don't know what two-spirited is its when your born a certain gender but with the soul of the other. Kinda like reincarnation with a twist. In my culture and many other Native cultures two-spirits were the leaders and the shaman. The healers and guiders. I was born into a strong family and I was born a two-spirit. I suppose you could sum up two-spirit as a person who is ghey but they are so much more than that and they are not all completely ghey. Take me for instance. I'm not just drawn to women. I tend to fall for really androgynous guys too. Kinda like the boy soul I have is gay. lol But I suppose that's just from being an Aries as well. My girl Lisa sent me this a while back about Aries lesbians... "Aries is obsessed with the bathroom. She loves public toilets as much as gay men do! In her heart, she is a bit of a gay man. You may feel her pushing you to parts unknown before you've even gotten to second base. That's part of her charm. Beneath her hot, womanly body, she's just a teenage boy with a hard-on." Yeah that me. ha ha ha...too funny. There is more to that but I'll post it later. Anyways. That about sums it up for me I suppose. Perhaps someday I'll get to have the chat with the old man. But for now I'll just keep the on having the fun with my girl James & Liquid Ladies and if Lisa ever gets her freakin internship, my midge. *sidebar* James was talking to this hawt chick that looked like Paris Hilton. It's was some funny stuff. She was pretty but he friend was less conceited and cuter.

Anyways...I'll guess I'll end for now. Brain dried up.

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