Wednesday, May 19

Just breathe...

Being an Aries sux sometimes. (Well not really but sometimes its just really confusing) I love being an Aries. I love everything about being an Aries. The immaturity, the jealousy, the stubborness, the attitude. I'm a very big closet romantic. I wanna be swept off my feet. (But the draw back to that is that I hate not being in the loop! So surprises...sowie. I dunno. I love that I feel comfortable saying whatever the fuck is on my mind. And I love being #1. Cause I don't care if anyone thinks I'm not #1. I know I am. I'm the G.O.A.T. I am the greatest Spring Sunshine Fixico of all time. And ain't anyone gonna fade this. I know I am beautiful. I know I'm intelligent. I'm a fucking rock star. And you can try to bring me down but it only brings me back up more to know that if your hatin on're just making me the center of your world for a while. And that's fine by me. Anyways. I really didn't have anything else to write about so that's what you got.

Cioa, Bailas...It's Wednesday.

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