Monday, December 1

Yeah it's December!

Hooray the first day of December. And what a weird day it started out to be. First I had this crazy dream basically telling me I have to get right with all my friends and loved ones cause I'm gonna die soon. oooooooh. Then I forgot my purse on the train this morning but I handled it and got to work late. Boooooo.

Now I'm waiting for the 5:00 buzzer so I can run to Numi's to watch her kidz tonite while she goes to see Chevelle WITHOUT ME! (Numi is teh suck) So that kinda blows.

Other than that my day's been peachy keen. I madeover my blog like whoa and now It's 75% to my satisfaction. I'll leave it alone for now. Anyhow...that is all. Peace and Frybread Grease. Dolla Dolla Bill ya'

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