Wednesday, December 31

Have a safe and Happy New Year! Washington, DC, a free, on demand, cab ride home for potential drunk drivers

Yeah buddies. Be safe! You can go to the above to get the # for Austin, TX, Boston/Cambridge, MA, Denver, Co, Philly, PA, and Los Angeles. (And of course DC too.)

Take care everyone.

My pluses for the year......

This year has certainly been thee single most eventful year of my life.

1. New Years with Stephanie. Good times.

1. Going to Las Vegas.
2. Stealing a car and going to Montana to snagg some of the hotest Native Ballers around AND not getting caught.

1. Moving back to DC from Bumphuck, Idaho. (Back to the action)
2. My 23 B-Day. (All by myself but made the best of it)

1. Going to see Les Miserables on Broadway. (Lifelong dream)
2. Finding myself. (I did some awesome life-changing trainings)
3. Finding out my sister was prego (Again!)

1. Finally after three years, getting together with the hotest/sexiest/yummiest guy I knew.
2. Having the best long-distance relationship ever!
1. Going to visit Buffalo, NY and subsequently breaking it off with aforementioned because he's...
2. My sister getting married to the man of her dreams.
3. Being the maid-of-honor.
4. My ex-boyfriend flying out here from Hawaii to play the Native American Flute @ my sisters wedding at the last minute.
5. Me taking my sister to a (female) strip club for the first time. (Hillarious!)

1. My Nephew turning 4. (He's the coolest kat I know!)

1. My sister turnging 22.
2. Me finishing my training. (the craziest thing I've ever done in my life)
3. Me getting a Job. (After my 2 year hiadus)

1. My niece Amber being born. (Awe!)
2. My ex-boyfriend's parents comming to "visit" me. (trying to convice me to seduce him....bwahahahaha)
3. My best friend Benji moving back to DC

1. Seeing my favorite band Indigenous and meeting sexy ass Mato!

1. My Roacha moving to DC. (finally!)
2. Having a dinner @ my apt. with ALL my family.

1. Going to Paris. (Lifelong dream)
2. Seeing the Arc de Triomphe (Lifelong dream)
3. Seeing the greatest movie of all time (LOTR)
4. Having a bomb ass time with my ex Ryan (Go figure)
5. Spending New Years with the people I love.

That is all. Peace and Happy New Year.

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