Friday, December 26

The aftermath...

Another day. Christmas was awesome. I loved it from head to toe. I woke up to my nephew staring me straight in the eyes and saying "Are you awake yet, Auntie?" "There's presents you know" (He's four and it's his first real "I'm excited about Christmas" year). Plus, it was my niece "Amba's" first so it was real special for all of us. I got got a lot of things that I wanted and everything else I really didn't want. Meaning everything I got is what I really wanted. (Except for the Hello Kitty TV) I got this really great Art book call Drawing from the Right side of the Brain. It's really awesome and I can wait to start tapping into my creativity. Anyways. I got a new hat (I love hats), a Tar-gei gift card. (I love target), My sister broke down and got me those black silk cargos I always hinted about, I got a necklace, some Sage/cedar/sweetgrass body balm, for my excema, Some hello kitty toe socks, (VERY AWESOME!), The donation made in my name to the Indian center in Lawrence, (My favorite gift of all). And the joi of seeing my nephew's face when he saw the golf clubs Santa (Me) got him. (Four is old enough right?) Anyhow.

Then we went home and unbuttoned our top buttons. I began my art book and spent the next 3 hours reading. Took a nap and then drug Roach out to Heaven and had an okay time. She met a really kool kat and I ran into one of my old "friends". It was nice to catch up. Anyhow. It was a great night. Later tators. Tonight me and Roach and Kina and her friend Lindsey (I think) are heading to VIP's . Hopefully, there will be a juicier story. Take care y'all. Peace.

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