Monday, December 22

My thoughts for the day.

Well another day, another weekend, another month almost gone by. And where have they gone to you might ask? Heck, if I know. Today, I got to do the mail run cause everyone is on vacation and it's very tedious and boring. That's where my day went. My weekend was slightly uneventful considering I made myself nauseous by acting like a infatuated little girl. This occured because I went to see my brother-in-law's cousins band who's leader my sister thought I would die for. (She knows me so well) Anyways, she was right. This guys is awesome. Just my type. (skinny, sexy full lips, dorky, gorgeous, long hair ) Plus, he had the most amazing voice and played all my favorite songs from Creed to Van Morrison. The band was great. Anyways, needless to say I enjoyed myself. Right up until the end when my "best" friend who just so happens to be my ex got all "J" and went nutzo on me. I rather not get in to that but lets just say we're no longer on speaking terms since then. Which for us is a long time and has been a long time comming. Why did I fall in love with possesive "you're mine but I don't want you" types? Answer: I'm sick in the head. Blah. Anyways.

Where did my month go? Well one wonderful trip to Europe (Paris, France/Zurich, Switzerland/Constance, Germany/which the story I'll get to someday soon!). Two wonderful weeks with the Harjo's. Meeting an awesome family from Switzerland. (love you Connie/Jurg/Melanie/Stephanie), My niece getting fatter by the minute, my nephew beginning to read on his own, My fantasically fabulous father finally going on a date. My lovely beautiful splendid Roach moving up here with me, and me loving every minute. Kewl beens. Cheers for December...and it's not even over with yet.

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