Wednesday, December 24

Brainteaser of the Dei.

Click here to begin!

The rules to the game are written below as well as the link to where the game is located...just hit the bigger circular button and it takes you to the game Japanese IQ Test ... Apparently this is an IQ test given to employees in Japan. > >Everybody has to cross the river. The following rules apply:

* Only 2 persons on the raft at a time
* The father can not stay with any of the daughters without their mother's presence
* The mother can not stay with any of the sons without their father's presence
* The thief ( striped shirt) can not stay alone with any family member
* Only the Father, the Mother and the Policeman know how to operate the raft
* To move the people click on them.
* To move the raft click on the red balls.....
Result: if you succeed in: 4 minutes: you are a Genius
6 minutes: You are exceptionally intelligent
10 minutes:You are very intelligent
20 minutes:You are average
25 minutes: You are a bit slow
30 minutes or more: You are terrible

And no I don't know the answer so don't ask. Have funny and Merry Christmas!

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